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theinam • Aug 4, 2011

BLUE screen in windows 7

thu 5:26 i am using the windows 7 to my sys
from last 1week i got the error message when i am trying to open the my sys
a blue-screen is appeared when the first time i started the my sys
after that it will automatically restarts the system

how to hide that blue screen when i am starts the system
Reya • Aug 4, 2011
which software have you installed recently?
ISHAN TOPRE • Aug 4, 2011
Does that screen instructs you to press keys like F3 or F6 etc? Or does it directly gets restarted the moment you see the blue screen?
theinam • Aug 5, 2011
Praveena friday 5:02pm

sine last 30 days i don`t install any software

anyway my last installed software is MS office

my system shows this type of messages
from last 1 week.... 😀 😀

kindly show the way to escape from the blue screen on Startup

theinam • Aug 5, 2011
ishutopre friday 5:15pm

it will get restarts automatically...........

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