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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Jan 29, 2013

Biofuel Powered Flights Show 50% Reduction In Aerosol Emissions

The National Research Council of Canada has come up with optimistic & exciting results of analysis performed on emissions from 100% biofuel powered civil flight. In October 2011, biofuel was tested in a civil aviation flight and the emissions were analysed by a team of experts. The most important findings indicate 50% reduction in aerosol emissions, ~25% reduction in particles and about 49% reduction in black carbon emissions. The most important aspect of this experiment was that the biofuel was used with the standard Jet Engines, without any modifications.


The research also revealed that the fuel efficiency was improved by about 1.5%. Mr. John R McDougall, President of the NRC-Canada has said that his team will continue to work with partners with an aim to bring this 'effective energy solution' to the markets.

We look forward to greener skies.

Via: NRC-Canada

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