backgammon game

hey..i am in 3rd yr in i.t. i want to make a backgammon game(online).. i dnt kw hw to strt.. plzz i need guidance for it.. will it be good if i submit it as prjct of my 2nd yr or 3rd yr may be???


  • Smriti Jha
    Smriti Jha
    What language do you plan to use?
  • yuktijain
    wel i was thnking abt mking it in visual studio.. using c# or bt if ny odr lang wud go btr its fyn wid me.. cn i submit it as a prjct??
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    Yukti - please avoid SMS language on CE Forums 😀 It's bit difficult to read.
  • yuktijain
    well i was thinking about making it in visual studio.. using c# or but if any other language would go better its fine with me.. can i submit it as a project?? i know c#,, and sql and will be learning java in my next semester..

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