Are We Guilty of Blaming/Punishing The Wrong Person When It Comes To Products & Services?

Continuing my series of weekend debates, I present you another topic to put some thought into.

Since it was a weekend I decided to indulge myself with my favorite dish at my favorite dosa, as I was gorging myself on Rava Dosa in a family South-Indian restaurant something happened that forced to me stop and ponder for a while.

Rava Dosa
Yeah, your mouth is watering right now, isn't it ?

The men at my adjacent table started shouting at the waiter as they had to wait for a long time for their food. Yes, the manager came within seconds to calm them but within those few seconds a thought popped into my head. Was the waiter actually responsible for the late delivery of the food or was he being framed for someone else’s (chef’s) mistake?

I could not take a photograph of the actual altercation so here is a photo of the most common one-sided scolding routine by the ever angry Gordon Ramsey

Consider this: It’s the job of the waiter to take the order and inform about it to the chef so technically it’s the chef who was responsible for the delay. The waiter had to face the angry men as he was the one accessible to the customer. Same thing happens with service providers [cell phone, broadband, satellite television, etc] one tends to shout at the customer care executive who is on the other end of the phone.

The only stock photo on the internet where the call center personnel seems a little miffed. Normally a Google Image search on call centers shows employees grinning from ear to ear

So my question here is: How can we stop ourselves blaming the wrong person and actually make sure that our feedback reaches the right person? Go ahead give it a thought before hitting the comment section.


  • Anoop Mathew
    Anoop Mathew
    Actually, who else have we to blame? We do not easily get access to anyone else besides the customer-care executives/waiters of a company/restaurant.

    If a waiter has taken the order from you, it is part of his responsibility (i.e. his job) to make sure that the product is delivered to you within a reasonable amount of time. He is getting paid by the restaurant to handle all that.

    Another example is that in a working company, you'll always have a Human Resources Manager who will be responsible for hearing the concerns of the employees even before they get to talk to the manager.

    Now, on the other side of the table, there are consumers/clients/people who actually do not think before they speak. This in turn causes headaches for these waiters/customer-care executives. In this case, the client/consumer/customer has to keep one thing in mind - "Keep your calm, explain your problem in a strict manner without sounding harsh yet letting the person responsible know the genuine interest you have in getting your issue resolved, and then wait for the response...". If the response you get makes you get "pissed-off", then you always get to go before a higher official.

    Eg: I've heard on Television of a man who bought a packet of Britannia Arrow Root biscuits and was surprised to find out that there was 0% of arrowroot content in the ingredients section of that biscuit. He registered a complaint with the court and finally he got back Rs12 for the packet of Arrow-Root biscuit that he had bought, and also compensation from Britannia. After that Britannia has kept 12 -15% of Arrow-Root content in that Biscuit (buy one today and check for yourself).

    More details on that case can be seen here:
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    It's always like that and I believe it's human nature. When we are upset our logical thinking abilities shrink. The skill lies in reminding yourself to be calm - and that's a very hard skill to acquire.

    To answer the question: Yeah - I do feel guilty for blaming the wrong person.
  • Vikram S Bargah
    Vikram S Bargah
    Practically In real world the employee working in lowest position has no scope of explanation /right to speak.

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