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Are Indian startups not disruptive enough?

If you believe the words of one of the most successful corporate leaders in India, Mr. Ratan Tata, then no they are not. He believes that Indian start-ups are not disruptive enough as compared to start-ups based aboard. He was speaking at an event organised by the venture capital firm IDG Ventures India last year in the month of October. According to him the trouble with Indian start-ups is that they do not lack talent but an encouraging ecosystem. He says we have great ideas and our workforce is as efficient as others but we have a discouraging attitude which prevents start-ups from functioning well.

We now have government programs like Start-up India to facilitate the growth of start-ups but have they become disruptive enough with all this funding? There are some start-ups which have really made a difference, take for example Ola Cabs or Flipkart, but for every start-up that made it there are tens of start-ups that failed to make a difference. What is your opinion regarding this statement, are Indian start-ups disruptive enough to make a difference in the Indian or global market? Let us know in the comment section below.

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