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Any career advice for Electrical And Electronics Engineer

Hi everyone

I am a Electrical and Electronics engineer.Now uptill 5th semi I had average+ marks (69%) and I was preparing for CDS but then I dont know what exactly happened as I got infected with TB(pulmonary and then MDR) and my percentage dropped drastically to some 60% and I have still got 1 backlog in 6th sem.
This means even after clearing my written CDS exams with high marks (I got 119 marks in english, 83 in maths,and 67 in gs) I was not able to sit in ssb(my TB got worse during feb-march).
Now I m preparing for ssc-cgl from this NOV. but since I hv backlog I cant join even if I get it cleared so I m desperatly looking 4 any career advice coz I urgently need job(I m sole son and father is retiring next year). My technical knowledge is below average but I m good with maths.What should I do? Should I start revising for technical or focus on something else for quick job.Any advice will be appreciated.
This is my first ever online post so if I did something wrong or u need any more info pls ask
Thanks again

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