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@Kaustubh Katdare • 17 May, 2015 • 2 likes
IIT BHU students have developed an innovative alcohol sensing helmet equipped with breath analyser. The helmet connects with the electrical system of your bike and if it senses that you're drunk, it won't let you start your bike at all. The project was among the top 5 short-listed projects at the Ericsson Innovation Awards held at IIT Delhi. The event, which was inaugurated last year, recognises innovative projects developed by IIT students. Overall, about 67 projects were submitted by the students.

The helmet is called 'Advanced Breathanalyser Helmet' and it pairs with the bike using bluetooth encryption technology. The team informed that they worked on the project while trying to address the problem of accidents because of drunk driving and bike thefts. The system makes it mandatory for the rider to wear the helmet and checks if the alcohol content in the breath is within tolerable limits. If everything is found 'okay', the helmet lets the bike start.

Another project presented at the event was 'SAFER' by IIT Delhi students. The system developed by IIT Delhi can be used as a fashion accessory that lets the user avoid the struggle to find the phone during panic situation. The system can use Internet, text or NFC technology to send the alert to your contacts. It's also capable of using multiple mobile towers to transmit data and figure out the exact location of the victim.

Image Credit: IndianExpress

Other innovations like smart paper calendar for the visually impaired, smart hospital wards, smart earphones etc. were also appreciated by the audience. The projects belonged to various domains like web design, cloud computing, human-machine interface, embedded technologies, signal processing etc.

The winning teams were awarded Rs. 10 lakh to incubate at any IIT-approved incubator.

Source: ET
@Paras Batra • 02 Jun, 2015 • 2 likes Hello,

I would like to introduce myself as the Director of Sales and Marketing at Leaf. You have written a fantastic article about us but I guess you did not have IIT Delhi team's picture of the day. Please find attached.


Also the product's name is SAFER and not GUARDIAN (its an old name and the database in ericsson's record could not be updated). I request you to please update this article for the betterment of your website.

Looking forward to see the changes and hear from you.
@Ankita Katdare • 02 Jun, 2015 Hello @Paras Batra Thanks for taking time out to share that. Updated the article to change the name. 👍
@Paras Batra • 02 Jun, 2015 • 1 like Hello @Ankita Katdare

Thanks a lot for the quick response. Do you mind sharing your email ID so I can keep you updated about the product in future also. You can send it to me on

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