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@Shruthi.K • 27 Feb, 2015 • 1 like
Project Abstract / Summary : ADVANCED ATM SECURITY
Monitory transaction in ATM is one of the most vulnerable security threat in the
banking process. Over last few years several instances of ATM misuses are being reported which includes card skimming and duplicating ATM cards and shoulder surfing. Virtually user has no control over the amount being withdrawn from the ATM in his absence.
Therefore ATM security has been an evolving domain. Some banks recently have incorporated fingerprint based security for ATMs, but even such solutions do not solve the afore mentioned problem. With fingerprint scanners, a user is forced to be physically present in the ATM booth to obtain money. Therefore in this project we develop a unique solution for ATM Security mechanism.
This integrates Biometric services over Internet of Things ( Internet of things is a
concept of Integrating embedded system with Internet by binding through cloud
services) to offer an unique solution for ATM security and transaction that not only integrates biometric authentication but also takes care of the case where user can not be present in the booth.
The system is presented in short:
After swiping card
If user is physically present then:

  • Offer Biometric scan ( Both Fingerprint & Face) and authenticate
  • Validate Pin number of ATM
  • Release Money
If non user in the booth:
  • Actual User should get an alert message in his mobile along with photo of the person in the ATM booth. The message opens a Face Biometric App in Android Mobile. Wherever user is, he can verify his face remotely through his device.
  • Upon face verification, user needs to supply ATM pin through his mobile.
  • Upon verifying by actual user, transaction window for selecting money will be presented to user in the booth.
  • If any false user then the buzzer in ATM centre should ring and ATM location to be sent to user and nearest police station.

Why did you choose to work on this project topic : We chose to work on this topic as its benefits are not just restricted to any single company or college but its usage is worldwide. So we adding upon new technologies to improve security for our hard earned money.

Project Category : Electrical / Electronics / Communication
Participating Team From: Final Year
@Ankita Katdare • 15 Apr, 2015 • 2 likes Round II Project Entry:


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