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about virus

hi friends as we all know computer is a allienment of electronic circuits but we also know virus effect computer running finally my doubt is if it only contain electronic circuits how virus is created and effect the computer
Harshad Italiya
Harshad Italiya • Dec 10, 2010
See There is not only electronics circuitry but electronics circuitry also works as per the program written in the microcontroller.
Ankur Jaiswar
Ankur Jaiswar • Dec 10, 2010
As you said we all know that computer is made of electronic circuits, thats right, but before knowing what is actually a virus, I would like to tell you that softwares in computer electronics are stored in form of electric pulses which is operated by the processor and virus is a software which is also in form of current or what we call electric pulses or charges stored in the electronic device called HDD.
k guys now i am in the track thanks for your replies

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