15 Dec 2006

About CrazyEngineers Mail ID

Hello CEans!

Lately, many among us wanted to know if they can create email ids on CrazyEngineers.com. Well its really amazing to know that <you> @ crazyengineers.com id is desired. Allow me to clarify this -

Yes, it is possible to have < you > @ crazyengineers.com email id. But it has to be created by the administrator. Usually, CEans who have been around on CE for some time & contributed to CE get their own email id. We follow the format <name> @ crazyengineers.com .

Another way of getting a CE ID is through contests which we will regularly have on CrazyEngineers. Right now, we have an AD Design contest in our IDEAS section.

Of course, if you have a reason to have CE ID, drop me a mail at admin @ crazyengineers .com and I'll be happy to create your own CE Mail ID for you.

-The Big K-


Branch Unspecified
20 Dec 2006
Very good to know this. Right now I have no reason to have a CE Mail ID but I want to have one in future. 😉

Its difficult these days to find time, you see..

A SudhaKar

A SudhaKar

Branch Unspecified
15 Jan 2007
Really rocks Admin,

As you said we cant give may id unwantedly,

So thats great,

Really ask some reason to have mail id on CE'ans - Thats the best work.

Hope so I would really love to have one after my post reaches 100.

Thanks and Regards,

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