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A Tree House that does not even need Trees! Just right for CEans

Something tree huggers will love. As also engineers. Even the sane ones. The tentsile is an ingenious hammock kind of tent house that is an engineering achivement. Whether hanging from trees in a rain forest above marauding carnivores or sitting on a beach above reach of reasonable waves tentsile is a real cool habitat.
Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare • Mar 8, 2012
A tree house without trees! 😲 Ingenuity indeed.

Want to see a top view of the hammock-cum-treehouse to see what kind of structure is it inside.
silverscorpion • Mar 8, 2012
It doesn't look very stable to me.. Isn't its base too small? How strong will it hold out against wind?
CIVILPRINCESS • Mar 11, 2012
it looks similar to tensegrity structures where tall towers are held in place by just the stressed cables. This looks like a similar case where the cables supporting it will take the load and the structure will be stable. It is indeed a stable structure 😀

It is a case similar to the georgia dome where the 840 feet diameter dome has the roof of just cloth which is fully supported by cables. Check out this article to understand the concept better:

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