A simple C problem.....

Hey ppl,

I have a problem related to a C program.


 int sum(int a,int b)
    int c=a+b;

 int main()
    int a=5,b=2;
    return 0;
Now, surprisingly the output is 7. I am not returning anything from the function. It should return garbage value. But how am i getting the correct output????


  • Reya
    If i run the program using online compiler it returns the output as 0.Whereas in devcpp it returns 7.
  • Pensu
    @praveena: exactly my point....how it can print 7 while i am not returning anything.
  • Bharath51
    i think....it defaultly return last operation performed by the compiler......
    i tried this....

    the last statement "a/b" returned to the function......so the c compiler default return some thing......that is last operation performed.....
  • gaurav.bhorkar
    This may also be because of compiler optimization. Did you get a warning?

    PS: I didn't compile your code
  • ayusha patnaik
    ayusha patnaik
    i think its by default since u r using it for a single tym...if u use multiple operations thn the correct output would be avilable fr a single operation...means it is set as a default .

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