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2011: Tech Stories To Remember - A Quick Flashback

Discussion in 'Engineering & Technology News' started by Ambarish Ganesh, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. Ambarish Ganesh

    Engineering Discipline:
    2011 has witnessed some of the most awesome developments in the field of technology. It has also witnessed the sad demise of the people who've revolutionized technology as we know it today. Let's look back at the calendar of 2011 to see what all stories really affected the tech-world and also our lives in a big way.
    <h4>Facebook Introducing Timeline</h4>
    This was one of the many renovations that Facebook went through in order to keep up the pace with Google. Google+ lost in a big way, and for now there seems no force that can stop Facebook from moving ahead or make it's users quit it for something better. Now the things Facebook needs to keep in check are the numerous spams and the security glitches.[​IMG]

    <h4>Hackers Had The Time Of Their Lives</h4>
    This year mostly belonged to hackers. IN A BIG WAY. From Sony Playstation to the US Chamber of Commerce, plus the recent 'Operation Robin Hood' executed by the hacker group <em>Anonymous</em> reasoned for many headlines.[​IMG]
    Please think twice before you are tempted to click on a dubious link. You may fall for the hacker's trick.
    <h4>Google Takes Over Motorola</h4>
    Bidding $12.5 billion to acquire Motorola, Google made sure it's leaving no stone unturned while competing with Apple. [​IMG]

    <h4>Angry Birds</h4>
    Frankly speaking, very few apps or games receive a fraction of response this game has got. Simple to understand and play, children aged 6 to 60 enjoy this game equally. Rovio has hit a huge jackpot with this heart-winning game, which still finds its way up in the charts with the constant developments and various versions adding up to it.[​IMG]

    <h4>Patents All The Way</h4>
    A lot of companies this year were fighting like angry siblings over their patents. The most interesting had Apple against HTC, Motoraola and Samsung.[​IMG]
    Apple had sued them all for copyright violations, following which International Trade Commission had enforced a short term ban on HTC devices.
    <h4>Cloud Service To Reign</h4>
    June, 2011- Steve Jobs gives us the iCloud storage system, which enables us to share all our documents in any of the Apple devices.[​IMG]

    <h4>The Tablets Ascend</h4>
    This year goes to the tablets too. If 2010 opened the gate for tablets, 2011 flooded them in. The list is long. TOO LONG. With the WindPad tablet which runs on Windows starting the list, we have SONY's SI and S2 dual-screen tablets, then there's PadFone, and even Magictile Marathon tablet, not to forget iPad2 and last but not the least- World's cheapest tablet Aakash.[​IMG]

    <h4>RIP Dennis Ritchie</h4>
    One of the greatest computer engineers of our times who developed the C programming language, passed away on October 8, 2011. He has won many awards during his lifetime, including the esteemed Turing Award in 1983 and The National Medal Of Technology in 1999.[​IMG]

    <h4>RIP Steve Jobs</h4>
    The visionary, who stayed hungry and foolish till the very end, connected all the dots in his last days, passed away on 5th October, 2011. The man who brought us Apple and the awesome range of gadgets, shall be missed.
    That's some of the biggest news brought out for you, that sums up all the important technology stories of 2011. Hope the coming year has a lot tot to offer, and the tech-revolution goes to a whole new level.
    Here's to all the tech-freaks and the CrazyEngineers-[​IMG]
    Happy New Year 2012! Cheers!
  2. a nice flashback ;) :) 

    Happy New year! :) 
  3. Would have loved to have links to the relevant posts :)
  4. i agree , this is very good flashback, i just wonder what will come up in 2012
    Happy New Year all :)

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