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The The supreme irony of Electrical Engineering - Check out absolute zero's humorous take -
Our cool friends at WickedLeak sent us the Wammy Note and the device finally landed on our review desk after spending some quality time with the courier people. We were curious to get our hands on this device and see what this gadget offers. Being the long time users of the Galaxy Note, we...
Here's Absolute Zero's take on the The coefficient of optional ablution! Check it out -
The canteen food can't be forgotten ever, right? Here's a comic dedicated to everyone who's had canteen food.
Jokes apart... The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is something that everyone of us on this site is looking forward to (5.5 inches!). I'm looking forward to it mainly because prices of Note 1 will drop >:D At the same time, we've all made fun of people with Notes, and (if...
Every engineer has used a mini-drafter for engineering drawing. Here's Absolute Zero's comic twist to the evolution of mini-drafter.
Absolute Zero's take on The ultimate moment of realization in an engineering college
What other online activities these days should be taxed? Sound out in the comments! (and I might just create a Part 2 of this if I get too lazy!) And here's Kogan's IE tax! http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2405813,00.asp
What are the other 'campus interview truths' you've seen? ;)
Moms will always be moms, right? Check out what Absolute Zero's got to say about engineers and their mothers!