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== Also - Happy 50th comic to us :D Thank you, CE and CEians for the support!
Based on a true story! Do you know anyone who's done this? Share this with them ;) Chuck
First, if you haven't, read this! Then, proceed to read the below. Happy new year again!
Happy new year to all of you CEians from all of us here at Absolute Zero (which means, only me. Ah well). PS: What's on your wishlist? Put 'em up here and make the life of a lazy cartoonist easier ;)
This is based on a true story I heard from a friend! Had a good Christmas, everyone?
We've all been guilty of this at some point, no? ;) Works with Hotmail as well. And also people who use Internet Explorer. And also (now) Blackberry users... And also... Ok I'll stop now!
Apologies for being a little irregular over the last two weeks. Just shifted to new job and new place so took some time setting things up. Normal service shall resume :)
Nowadays, the term shopping has been redefined. You don't have to be at a mall or a store to do shopping. If you have access to the internet, shopping can be finished in a matter of minutes. Thanks to e-commerce. Surely e-commerce is the next big thing. Everyone is aware of it and people are...
This happened in my engineering college. Did it happen in yours?