12 Feb 2019

Would you pay for Spotify in India?

Spotify is set to launch in India towards end of March. The online music streaming markets in India are already saturated but Spotify's entry will make it more interesting. 

Obviously, Spotify can't remain out of India given that Indian Internet user base is currently exploding and companies like Netflix have already been moderately successful here. However, there's quite a difference between consuming video content vs consuming audio content. 

As of now, I do not know if Apple music is just as successful as it is in the rest of the world. I'm yet to know anyone who's happily paying Apple Rs. 120/month to listen to music they can listen anywhere else for free. 

There are premium streaming service providers already -

  • Gaana - even the premium plans are super cheap
  • Amazon Music - offers free premium subscription with Amazon Prime
  • JioSaavn - Offers complementary service for first three months with Jio Prime
  • Apple Music - Not Free
  • Google Play Music - Costs Rs. 99/month
  • ..and several others. 

Will you buy Spotify India Subscription?

Spotify is known to have exclusive deals with content creators in the west. However, in India - it will take some time to produce exclusive content. Without a strong pull factor, I doubt people in India will be willing to pay for Spotify's subscription. 

The question remains - Will you pay for Spotify plans? 

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Abhishek Rawal

Abhishek Rawal

Electronics and Communication
6 days ago

I am paying 99 INR per month to Google Play Music.

If Spotify services could provide me better service around same price cap, I guess I would switch to Spotify.

6 days ago

@Abhishek Rawal - Gaana Premium is cheaper and their collection is impressive. I get Amazon Music with Prime membership; but they don't have the songs I listen to. 

Mohit Patil

Mohit Patil

Computer Science
6 days ago

I have a curated list of YT playlists. Keeps playing in the loop.

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