World Maker Faire 2013 - Truly Crazy Engineering

Jordan Penchas is 13-year old boy from Houston who enjoys playing video games and experimenting with electronics. When his friend gave him an Arduino Uno—an inexpensive open-source motherboard that is popular among DIY computer programmers—he ingeniously used it to modify the gaming experience for his Nintendo Wii. WIRED magazine recently reported that Penchas will soon take an even bigger engineering leap next year using ArduLab—a space science kit employing Arduino technology that allows young programmers to remotely conduct a range of experiments on the International Space Station.

Massimo Banzi, co-founder of the Arduino project, is one of the many designers, programmers, hackers, and builders who appeared at this year’s #-Link-Snipped-# at the New York Hall of Science. Banzi’s work on Arduino has enabled young minds like Penchas to explore the exciting groundswell of learning opportunities arising from the maker community. is proud to present videos from World Maker Faire 2013 free and on-demand. Take a look at some of the most popular presentations from World Maker Faire—the greatest show (and tell) on earth!

Have fun.



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