WordPress 3.3 Drag & Drop Media Uploader

I just stumbled upon one of the coolest features in the next version of Wordpress - 3.3! It supports very cool drag and drop media uploader. All you have to do is drag your media files (photos and videos) to your wordpress media uploader and WP will take care of everything. I'm yet to try out this feature on my test machine, but if anyone gets a chance to try it out - do share your thoughts here. Looks like WP team has also revamped the whole admin bar (frankly speaking, I don't like it!) in the next version.

Great features lined up! Waiting for you, WP 3.3!


  • Ankita Katdare
    Ankita Katdare
    "drag and drop media uploader" - Awesome!
    That was very much needed. I will have to check out the other features too. I hope no one is let down.
  • Guneet Khanuja
    Guneet Khanuja
    i come to know certain things here..which i never even heard of before....thanks CE...

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