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elecguy86 • Nov 3, 2008

Wireless charger for laptop & mobile

yaa this is true now u can recharge ur mobile or lapy form a distance and that to without using wires...
just check this out..
u can make it as major project also...

NASA Tech Briefs Create the Future Design Contest

pls leave ur comment about this .....
crazycs • Nov 7, 2008
nice idea dude have u really made that?????
i really want one for my laptop...
edgex • Jul 12, 2011
Hi, wireless charging is really possible. As per the reports researchers from MIT have designed a way and named it witricity. This concept has, made wireless charging possible, now you can be at distant place from the wires and still be able to charge your laptops. Why only charging you can also light a bulb using the process.
Witricity uses the principles of electromagnetism, magnetic induction, resonance, resonant magnetic coupling and many more things. It is totally safe and non-radioactive rely totally on near magnetic field which is safe for living organisms. So you can try it, just go for it and benefit from wireless laptop charger.
You can also use it while you are in any other room than charger, but there are some limitations and should take care of that otherwise the transmission might stop.
praba230890 • Jul 12, 2011
I remember seeing one of the Intel projects which is a wireless speaker a year ago. In that project Intel demonstrated the wireless power supply for a speaker and actually this was developed to get rid of bundles of cable. I tried to do this as my final year project but my lecturers didn't allowed me to do it because of it's unsure output. Also i'm happy to share here that my blog post(WIRELESS POWER TRANSMISSION -a new hope) in siliconindia about Wireless Power crossed 2000+ views and now it was given a star(Featured by Editor).
Anoop Mathew
Anoop Mathew • Jul 17, 2011
Hope witricity comes to reality in the near future. Any idea about how else witricity could be used?
priyanka06jan • Jul 28, 2011
Hope witricity comes to reality in the near future. Any idea about how else witricity could be used?
i m etc student wannt o do this project plz send me its detail & circuit diagram on
santoshtvk • Feb 16, 2012
cool ... than q for giving details on wireless transmission and witricity.....
bt i want a some info whether bluetooth tech can help any way to send or recieve ee
how electromagnetic wave can help to work for electrical

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