Wireless A/V(Audio/Video) Transmitter

Wireless A/V(Audio/Video) Transmitter...

I have been searching for many times the topic of wireless A/V transmitter & I've got some Ideas about this thing but most of them are of small range like 4-5 meters, mono sound, low resolution. To overcome all these bad effects I need help of 'Crazy Engineers'😀. How can I get transmitted HD(720p) video, with Stereo(MP3 Layer 3) Noise less output without wire😲. And I need to increase the range of this transmission up to permitted by Indian Govt.

The reason why I want do this is- 1. We can telecast anything LIVE without wire in a certain range.
2. In Home purpose we can transmit a TV show to my entire house without any Wire.
3. We can Install Wireless Security system.
4. If we can integrate it in some USB device we can telecast the A/V is to another receiving USB device in range. By this no. of viewer can be large within range.😎


  • Rupam Das
    Rupam Das
    for free frequency maximum theoretical distance is 100m. and what you are trying to achieve is commercially available. Even we have a good IP tv solution. yeas with stereo and 1024x720. only stuff is the cost which will anyhow be higher due to encoders and decoders. Just think off some extra functioning that you might incorporate.

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