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Windows 8 Recovery Made Easier With 'Good State' & 'Factory State'

Question asked by smriti in #Gadgets on Jan 5, 2012
smriti · Jan 5, 2012
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Microsoft is introducing new recovery options for Windows 8 that will allow users to restore their systems with the push of a button. Microsoft has been constantly updating users on the progress of the Windows 8 platform through its official blog. The option for recovery comes as a measure to makes PCs more like smartphones and TVs. The two new features on Windows 8 are aimed to provide an easier way of recovery in case things go bad.
Windows 8 provides two ways to recover your PC, either you can switch back to "good state" or reset your PC to "factory state." Microsoft wants to provide a consistent experience to get the software on back to a good and predictable state, with a faster performance. To achieve this, Windows focuses on the concept of “push button”,  a simple to use, predictable, and fast solution. Also, addressing the issue of  saving data before reinstallation and to make the process less time-consuming Windows 8 brings two solutions for the users, to Reset your PC or Refresh your PC.
Resetting your PC will remove all personal data, apps, and settings from the PC, and reinstall Windows. Refreshing your PC keeps all personal data, Metro style apps, and important settings from the PC, and reinstall Windows. Reset will completely wipe a system's hard drive of all stored data and partitions, operating like a full re-installation. Refreshing your PC, unlike manually re-installing Windows, re-configures all the initial settings,with your user accounts and settings all preserved. All of your documents and data are preserved in the same locations as before. Both recovery options can be accessed by users through the Windows 8 Recovery Environment (RE) maintenance tool.

Source & Image Credit: Building Windows 8 Posted in: #Gadgets

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