Will work experience help in higher studies?

this is a doubt i have had for a long time !!! is it better to go abroad imediately after graduation or will it be better to work for some time then go ???


  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    Re: gre /job

    Depends on your GRE scrore 😁

    Jokes apart, in my opinion, having a work experience will always help!

    -The Big K-
  • abhimanipal
    i got a 1400 ... gpa of around 7.4
  • Elisa
    Here in Australia, getting a job will not be a problem. But as Biggie suggested, spend at least two years in the industry. It will be an added advantage.
  • dish

    As per my opinion everthing depends on how you are thinking. If you ask me than experience should fall in must criteria for MBA degree but if you ask me for technical side than i said you go directly for the higher studies...should wait for the experience. As in technical studies does not make much difference if you don't have experience...but in MBA it really does......
  • integratdbrains
    I agree with dish.

    Crystal clear.If you are aiming top 50 give your test once more.Think of some part time job in the industry.(though industries don't offer one) you will have to give 8 hrs to job if you want to get into techie job. After that studies... take this chance only if you are well determined.
    A till sluggish attitude towards studies in the middle of the race can hamper your performance.So think practically.

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