Will DIY and "tinkering" ever work in India?

I wonder if the DIY phenomenon will ever work here in India. Oh yes, it is gaining ground here. But are the students in schools and engineering colleges picking it up? I might be wrong, but all I see are people picking it up after they have finished their schooling. And even if they do, its usually in some students club (I think!).
The major hurdles that stand in the way of DIY here in India are the people and the system(academic institutions, the Government,etc.) who don't appreciate DIY. They say that students should concentrate more on studies and everything else is just a waste of time.
And this is reflected by the fact that college life is not that different from school life. Yes, we can easily bunk classes and everything but, if look closely at the academic section, its more or less the same. We go from classes(in the engineering colleges)from morning to the evening. Not that different from schools, right? Practicals are not in SYNC with the theory being taught in the class and therefore become a burden(in most of the cases) and the students are bogged down with completing the practical records and scoring grades rather than understanding it.
And even if this is not enough, and a brave student decides to "make" something on his own anyway, finding the materials and components is tedious. The prices are astronomical. The quality of most materials manufactured in India is bad.

So is it worthwhile to spend some time and money in DIY? Will it be helpful to the Indian student?


  • Abhishek Rawal
    Abhishek Rawal
    Do we have to care about all Indian Engineers ?
    Well, I love DIY & I must admit that I am not like those makers & hackers in instructables or kickstarter who make big thing or can make money out of their creation, but yes I do create small things for my personal use.
    Infact, DIY is among the few reasons why I use Linux & why I love Linux & Electronics.
  • Anand Tamariya
    Anand Tamariya
    In electronics, finding the materials and components is much easier these days thanks to internet. And one doesn't need high quality of resistors and capacitors. Microcontrollers and chips are imported - so no problem with quality there. Though it's not dirt cheap, it's not astronomically priced either.

    DIY is for adventurous people - one either likes it or doesn't. But if one does like it, there's no stopping him. Spare electronics, people have been doing that in automobiles for a long time (DC comes to mind; and many who are not popular figures.)
  • Anoop Kumar
    Anoop Kumar
    Is thread means to be Students who don't do DIY or everyone.
    Isn't JUGAAD can be considered a form of DIY?

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