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aimilindia • Dec 24, 2008

Why non destructive testing equipment?

Hello folks..let me first introduce myself. I am Sashank, a senior marketing executive with a non destructive equipment dealer. Hope there are readers who belong to my field. I must say all industries are more or less influenced by the sector I am into, i.e. non destructive testing equipment. Why I am sharing view points here at this blog forum is to acquaint many of my engineer friends, entrepreneurs and executives like me about the importance of non destructive testing in manufacturing, casting, maintenance, etc.

I must again say that non destructive testing is one of the most required testing factor that should be considered in any manufacturing or fabrication process. While selling the non destructive testing equipment, I have come across many related queries about how useful these equipments are and how it can affect service life of solid objects that do not undergo non destructive testing.

I have seen structures cracking, pipes leaking, metal objects prone to corrosion, and various internal defects, and after repeated damages caused do these related manufacturers and contractors order for non destructive testing equipment. Had they used these equipments at the every beginning, they would not have incurred such heavy losses. The importance of non destructive testing cannot be denied owing to the intensity of the usage of many engineering products. Go for quality non destructive testing equipment as I have practically seen their quality, durability and longevity. My dealer procures all its non destructive testing equipment from associated instruments manufacturers in India.

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