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Why does a motor take 1 ampere when current passes through auxiliary contacts, whereas it takes 10 ampere?

motor takes 1 ampere when current passes through auxiliary contacts it takes 10 ampere why?

The question is not clear. A sketch of the circuit may help.

A single phase  1 HP motor connected  with a DOL starter which  having  2 push buttons one is start(green) another one is stop (red). As per the  principle  of W= √3VIcosΦ the motor should take 1.48amps but it's taking  10 Amp.  How? 

In a single phase motor, W= VxIx cos(phi).

Full load current of a 1 hp induction motor will be about 8 amps taking into account power factor.

You seem to be taking the formula for the single phase current of a 1 hp three phase induction motor.

Please see here:

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