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Why can't engineer work in a bank?

Question asked by shantesh kattimani in #Coffee Room on Apr 2, 2019
shantesh kattimani
shantesh kattimani · Apr 2, 2019
Rank D3 - MASTER

ANYONE WHO HAS DONE ENGINEERING DOESNT MAKE HIM AN ENGINEER.. In India "engineering" has been a trend.. people have made it as shortcut to get a govt job and settle well.. there are only few iits and nits.. its obvious that only few thousand or lakhs will get into that.. remaining 80% students do engineering in state or govt colleges... 

I dont know how many engineers are produced every year.. let's say 10 lakh engineer are produced.. but there are not opportunities for 10 lakh engineers.. if you talk about reality.. there are not much govt vacancies.. but these are just figures.. we dont know many engineers in this 10 lakh are real engineers who have right skills for the industry and core..

 if all 10 lakh engineers had the right skills then I feel no one would be unemployed.. It's sad that in India students who are passing out 12th std.. doesnt know what they want to do in life..  

we are taught only 2 things engineering and medical that's it.. so those who doesnt want to do engineering or have no interest in engineering still they take up engineering thinking that we wont make our future as our parents have suggested.. 

it's not even our parents mistake.. it's the trend which we have made.. we dont have advanced teaching in all colleges..  atleadt in iits faculties are good so iit peoples basics are cleared in engineering and technically they get groomed.. but not with state college student.. 

I feel it's ok for students to think after engineering what they actually want to do.. coz not everyone can get into govt core jobs and so miracles in isro drdo.. etc may be that is why people switch career after engineering and get into IT or Banking or do mba or prepare for MS or Gre.. it's ok to do anything..then why cant engineer work in bank???  what do you guys think.. ??? 


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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare · Apr 2, 2019
Rank A1 - PRO

Engineers can work in a bank. What is this question about? 

shantesh kattimani
shantesh kattimani · Apr 2, 2019
Rank D3 - MASTER

I saw there is some kind of hesitation in people that why should a engineer work in non technical field.. do you think engineer should work only in technical field.. I agree whats the use of after engineering we dont work in technical field.. all the technical knowledge will go will become waste.. but point is all 10 lakh engineers cant be in technical field coz it depends on there interest and the level of technical knowledge they have.. maybe becoz of this people switch career and do anything they want.. for engineer people agree that everything is ok but why there is hesitation or some bad sense towards bank job.. is it not good job for engineer?? If not then why 9 to 10lakh engineers appear in banking exam or sit for cat exam...???

Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare · Apr 2, 2019
Rank A1 - PRO

Many engineers choose to work in a bank. See this thread: https://www.crazyengineers.com/threads/why-choose-bank-job-after-engineering-how-to-answer-in-interview.82044/

Many members have answered.

DM update
DM update · Apr 5, 2019
Rank D2 - MASTER

Engineers can work in Banks. There are many friends of mine who are working in bank and earning well . I remember one of my classmate when i was studying at CGC Landran was not interested in working into IT Sector, she had started preparing for bank exam from college days and now she is working with Axis Bank and earning well.

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