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Jaimini Shinde
Jaimini Shinde • Sep 21, 2018

Which would be best training course if given a choice between E-commerce , CMS , Webstack and QA for a student from ECE background

Want get training from one of the course but dont know which one is best 

Jeffrey Arulraj
Jeffrey Arulraj • Sep 22, 2018

When picking a training few things to ponder on.

I am assuming that you already know what each and every segment you have stated above has and what they cater to.

  • What Am I?
    • This is kind of knowing what are you made up of and what is that which interests you and also your strengths and minuses.
    • (eg) If you are well versed in programming or have a knack of picking up languages on the go select full stack.
  • Where will I be in 10 years in this domain?
    • Everyone who thinks about training see the market need at the moment and start specializing in one or the other domain. This is a boon in short term where as a big bane in the long run if you make a wrong decision.
    • Also some times just because its trending doesn't mean you need to be a stalwart in it.
    • (eg) Just because most of the birds can fly a penguin should never try to learn flying.
  • Who am I going to satisfy?
    • Sadly this is a very hard question that weighs on every middle and lower middle class minds these days. The urge to satisfy your parent's desires always get the better of you.
    • Remember it is your life and you need to be satisfied first to lead a happy and peaceful life

If you can answer these 3 questions mostly you will be able to figure out that domain which you need to pioneer in.

In my opinion I would suggest its better a elephant doesn't tries to become thin just cause it can't run as fast as a cheetah.

Have fun deciding

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