Jaimini Shinde
Jaimini Shinde
Electronics and Communication
21 Sep 2018

Which would be best training course if given a choice between E-commerce , CMS , Webstack and QA for a student from ECE background

Want get training from one of the course but dont know which one is best 

Jeffrey Arulraj

Jeffrey Arulraj

Electronics and Communication
22 Sep 2018

When picking a training few things to ponder on.

I am assuming that you already know what each and every segment you have stated above has and what they cater to.

  • What Am I?
    • This is kind of knowing what are you made up of and what is that which interests you and also your strengths and minuses.
    • (eg) If you are well versed in programming or have a knack of picking up languages on the go select full stack.
  • Where will I be in 10 years in this domain?
    • Everyone who thinks about training see the market need at the moment and start specializing in one or the other domain. This is a boon in short term where as a big bane in the long run if you make a wrong decision.
    • Also some times just because its trending doesn't mean you need to be a stalwart in it.
    • (eg) Just because most of the birds can fly a penguin should never try to learn flying.
  • Who am I going to satisfy?
    • Sadly this is a very hard question that weighs on every middle and lower middle class minds these days. The urge to satisfy your parent's desires always get the better of you.
    • Remember it is your life and you need to be satisfied first to lead a happy and peaceful life

If you can answer these 3 questions mostly you will be able to figure out that domain which you need to pioneer in.

In my opinion I would suggest its better a elephant doesn't tries to become thin just cause it can't run as fast as a cheetah.

Have fun deciding

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