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Which books are best for C++ and Java studies?

i am studing engineering in E&TC from pune university at sinhgad college I still complited C language and now started study c++ and core Java which books best for c+ and core Java
If you're just a beginner, I'd suggest The Complete References by Herbert Schildt.
The Complete Reference C++
Java: The Complete Reference (LATEST EDITION)

I'm from VTU & I have found these books quite helpful. They certainly don't cover everything, but they give you a very good idea about the basics.

These books have plenty of examples that you can try on your own & understand how certain things work

If you find those two books difficult to understand, try E. Balaguruswamy book for C++ & Head First Java

Like I said before, not everything is in the book. So if you want to explore more & have a deeper understanding, there are numerous tutorials available online that are completely free. Then there are YouTube videos that you can have a look at.

Another great learning resource for Java is Oracle documentation. Look them up if you want to seriously build something in Java.

Hope that helps

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