whats the inverse Z-transform of (1-a)/1-az(inverse))

can any body tell me what is the inverse z-transform of (1-a)/(1-az(inverse))



  • simplycoder
    Why dont you show us your work buddy, we can guide you how to get that z-transform only if we know that you have tried to do it.
    Please donot ask for solutions which you havent even tried, in case if you have tried, post them here.
  • upsonians
    i didn't tried it, i checked it in formula tables but failed to get any solution. And by the way.....is this forum only to give solutions or to get some help from others...confusing....
  • Sagar07

    Inverse Z of 1/(1-a*z(inv))=a^n*u(n)

    Inverse Z of a/(1-a*z(inv))=a^n*u(n)*a=a^(n+1)*u(n)

    provided |z|>|a|

    hence ans to ur question is a^n*u(n)-a^(n+1)*u(n)=a^n*u(n)*(1-a)
  • upsonians
    Thanks a lot for your solution.

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