@N.Gowtham Raj • 05 Mar, 2012
Hey guys, what would be the shape of a stress strain curve for liquids?
@Gurjap • 09 Mar, 2012 • 1 like There wouldn't be any. For one thing, the only need to define "stress" is to underline the important fact that a thicker column will probably support more weight than a thinner column.

See what I did there? I said "column". Let me stress (pun not intended) that the term "stress" is not used for fluids. It is a term for use for solids. For liquids, we use "pressure". I hope you meant "pressure vs volumetric compression".

There are many types of liquids, some incompressible, and some compressible. I'll elaborate: every fluid is compressible, but some are more, others less. While studying compressibility, you also need to factor temperature. Hence, we may conclude that each fluid has a unique "stress strain" curve at different temperatures.
@The myth buster • 25 Jun, 2012 there isn't any stress-strain curve for liquids.as liquids are incompressible and do not exhibit the properties of elasticity.!!
@Ramani Aswath • 26 Jun, 2012 There is a curious phenomenon in tall trees. How does water reach well above 100 meters in Redwood trees? One of the theories is that water can behave like a solid wire or chain. As the top of this wire/chain evaporates from the top leaf, the generated tensile stress pulls up the water column. Capillary suction is not a valid explanation for such huge heights.

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