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@ShrinkDWorld • 31 Jul, 2010
How to design various mechanical parts by using c language??😕
@Kaustubh Katdare • 01 Aug, 2010 My best guess is that you can develop C programs for design related calculations.
@Manish Goyal • 01 Aug, 2010 1:-Start learning c++ language

2:-as big k said you can use c++ for design related calculations

3:-You can also learn graphics in c++
@ShrinkDWorld • 01 Aug, 2010 any small program for exampal???
@samarjeetsaigal • 02 Aug, 2010 its like in computer softwares we design a program which does several functions according to the program, i guess its the same with the operations we want to perform like to move some tool connected to the machines
@abhishek1814 • 07 Sep, 2010 I don think so a mechanical guy need to have knowledge of C/C++.. if he has then it is his extra knowledge
@trulyajays • 07 Sep, 2010 for generating a single line also in mechanical C lanuguage is used. .
@mediummachinery • 08 Sep, 2010 Knowledge of a programming language certainly helps with automation. You can check out our machine at Plastic Injection Molding Machines | Medium Machinery

PIC 18F4620 micro controller was used, with the control algorithm written in C. Let me know if you want to look at the code.
@choondu • 13 Sep, 2010 Even i had this same question in my mind while i was in 6th Semester and was basically struggling with C. I assumed that it gives us an opportunity to widen our horizons an know what the basics are and this helps in understanding Industrial automation concepts, prgram to do Design calculations say, pump designm etc. These days we have softwares for all these design calcutaions which has the basis from C /C++.

Another anology is like Electrical branch having Fluid Mechnics Lab in their 3rd or 4th semester.
@ShrinkDWorld • 28 Sep, 2010 Thanks for lot of replies!!!

I had found another roll of C/C++ in mechanical engineering.
We can use c program to design the various mechanical parts. such as knuckle joint, couplings, Etc as we have to calculate all stresses and determine the dimension. again we have to check them for various failure, so it easy to design any component by using c program because the basic procedure for particular part is same/canst.
@sharon09 • 27 Oct, 2010 • 1 like Computational Fluid Dynamics codes are written in C
@yisehak • 15 Dec, 2010 i had the same question before a month or two, and now ,AFTER I HAVE STARTED, i found it to be one of the most important thing for the industrial automation of which is worlds concern now and in the next few years.
@saimriyaz • 16 Jun, 2011 It is used in Computer Aided Designing software like Autocad...................We have to define formula for the geometry in C/C++ then we have to design on its basis
@Ammar Aziz • 17 Jun, 2011 to design a thing require some information about that thing, and also the procedure to arrange these things in a systematic manner to get the required results by giving some type of commands. this is what which simply happens to use c++ for mechanical engineering
@ISHAN TOPRE • 17 Jun, 2011 It is seen that mechanical students do not take introduction of C/C++ in their syllabus very kindly. However, it is required in various designing software like MATLAB which is a requirement not only in electronics but also to mechanical too.
In simple terms, C and C++ are the same computer programming languages but with different syntax. They help in defining problems in various simulation oriented problems.
@saimriyaz • 17 Jun, 2011 C/C++ is applied to any designing..............................
It is fundamental of part design
@vignesh sp • 05 Jul, 2011
i had the same question before a month or two, and now ,AFTER I HAVE STARTED, i found it to be one of the most important thing for the industrial automation of which is worlds concern now and in the next few years.
how can i create a prog. i jst know the basic c programming
@saimriyaz • 06 Jul, 2011 C programming is not used for automation.............................. automatic machine needs programming of microprocessor..........and for prgrmng of mcps higher level language is used.....................................
c/c++ is lover level language............CNC programing is very different
@Capt Spark • 08 Jul, 2011 odd to see this alive again. programming languages are very much important as usual in creating any automated process.
FE software Ansys is developed using Fortran.
@Ankita Katdare • 03 Feb, 2016 I recently found out that mechanical engineers are actively learning programming languages and was reminded of this old discussion on CE. These days most engineering programs expect undergraduates to take computer programming, but in some parts of India they don't have C or C++ or other coding related courses in their curriculums.

I believe if a mechanical engineer builds a solid foundation in C language, he will be able to grasp other more complex, advanced, mathematical programming languages as well as other emerging computing paradigms quite easily.

It has been found that students who knew some programming language basics, were able to grasp Matlab more quickly. As it is, many mechanical engineers are being recruited in the IT industry, where they are trained in various integration programs of mechanical hardware and control software. It only makes sense in today's IT world, to make mechanical engineers learn how to code.

Would like to read more opinions on this.
@Shashank Moghe • 04 Feb, 2016 C/C++/FORTRAN becomes increasingly more useful when you start working on opensource technologies. Make no mistake of assuming a programming language as a tool essential for just the software guys, these days everything analytical is getting heavy on computation and there are very few and simplified problems you can solve by hand, most of the time you will find yourself in need of a program that will do the calculations for you efficiently. A well learned programming language comes in real handy then.

MATLAB is perhaps going to become your best friend in an academic environment (where licenses are "free"), you graduate to the industry and it is replaced by Scilab/FreeMat, C++ and the likes. If you need a head-start and are interested in a career in analytical engineering, start learning C++. There is nothing like it.
@Durgesh Srivastava • 02 Feb, 2020

The role of c/c++ language in mechanical engineering is -if they are working on cam and cad softwares basic knowledge of c/c++ language required.

@Kavya Burramolla • 02 Feb, 2020

Out of my experience C is a basic language that help any engineer to learn other programming languages with ease. These days most of the Mechanical graduates are also interested in joining the software companies with the knowledge of programming languages. Languages like Python, HTML, CSS etc., with its simplicity in learning is creating greater scope to not only to computer science engineers but also to the other streams of engineering. 

@aniket wandhekar • 22 Jul, 2020

By going through all the replies,i get to know about the adv. & disadv. of learning of C language. 

As a fresher I want to suggest my friends that u must learn one comp. programming language,bcz as we well known about crisis in job vacenccies in mechanical field.

By learning one of basic lang. u r coming on one upper step of the,think and must try to learn.

Thank you..


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