What is the material used in suspension parts of automobile?

Thanx for sharing. Can u please help me in understanding different grades of mild steel. What is the material used in suspension parts of automobile???😕


  • siva111
    According to myself the material used for suspension is iron.But im not sure with it.For further details check this one.

  • khooper
    For automotive springs, electrocoating is used for lower-cost applications. For higher performance applications, powder coating is used either as a thick single layer, or as a topcoat over an electrocoating basecoat.

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  • morganparkar
    Hi Friend,

    Here i have not complete answer as your question but some related information i put in your question..

    The suspension parts we offer are the traditional and the most sought after parts, suitable for almost all types of vehicle. We offer these are per the standard specifications and also make such parts as per bulk buyer’s specific need. Hardened steel is machined and fabricated as per the industry standards to obtain the accuracy of original parts in our range of aftermarket parts.


  • morganparkar
    Hi Friend,

    Here i tell you as industry based solution which is Hardened steel is machined and fabricated to obtain the accuracy of original parts in our range of
    aftermarket parts.


  • raj87verma88
    Assuming Leaf Springs, the most common spring type used is Automobiles:-

    1) Carbon Steel 98 C4(SAE 1095), properly heat treated is used for laminated springs

    2) Silicon-manganese steels, 50C9(SAE 9250) and 60C9(SAE 9260), the latter having higher C content and higher mechanical properties, are both standardized for leaf springs.

    3) Chrome-vanadium steel has greater strength, toughness and resistance to failure through repeated stresses.
  • raj87verma88
    If suspension is made of Cylindrical Compression Spring:

    Carbon steel with content from 0.5 to 1.0 %
    Alloy Steel - increases life of springs subjected to high stresses and repeated load. Springs are mostly made from oil-tempered carbon steel containing 0.6 to 0.7% Carbon and 0.6to 1.0 % Manganese.
    Spring brass and phophor bronze used corrosion must be prevented
    Monel metal is used for springs exposed to corrosion and high temperatures.

    Wires of size more than 10mm dia. are hot wound.

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