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@jaspal rautela • 17 Jun, 2012
I am Jaspal and I have this question about machine designs. what is meant by surge in spring? Could some mechanical engineers of the community share the reason for its use?
@mechky • 17 Jun, 2012 I am copying down the exact explanation of surge in springs from a machine design book. It is well explained there and you can ask if you still have any doubt.

When one end of a helical spring is resting on a rigid support and the other end is loaded
suddenly, then all the coils of the spring will not suddenly deflect equally, because some time is
required for the propagation of stress along the spring wire. A little consideration will show that in the
beginning, the end coils of the spring in contact with the applied load takes up whole of the deflection
and then it transmits a large part of its deflection to the adjacent coils. In this way, a wave of compression propagates through the coils to the supported end from where it is reflected back to the deflected end. This wave of compression travels along the spring indefinitely. If the applied load is of fluctuating type as in the case of valve spring in internal combustion engines and if the time interval between the load applications is equal to the time required for the wave to travel from one end to the other end, then resonance will occur. This results in very large deflections of the coils and correspondingly very high stresses. Under these conditions, it is just possible that the spring may fail. This phenomenon is
called surge.
The surge in springs may be eliminated by using the following methods :
1. By using friction dampers on the centre coils so that the wave propagation dies out.
2. By using springs of high natural frequency.
3. By using springs having pitch of the coils near the ends different than at the centre to have
different natural frequencies.
@Brijendra Rai • 16 Apr, 2017 The above paragarh is written in THE TEXTBOOK OF MACHINE DESIGN by R.S.KHURMI & J.K.GUPTA
jaspal rautela
I am Jaspal and I have this question about machine designs. what is meant by surge in spring? Could some mechanical engineers of the community share the reason for its use?
If a spring coil comes under an impact load,the generated stress starts propagating along the spring wire.The end coil of the spring adjacent to the applied load experiences the whole deflection and transmit the same to the neighbourhood coil accordingly.This phenomenon may cause very large deflection and subsequent resonance depending upon the time travelled by the deflection wave.This phenomenon is called surge.
@Karshil Sheth • 26 Jan, 2020

Surging alludes to oscillation explicit to a coil spring. At the point when an outside force having a frequency part near the spring's natural frequency, it follows up on the spring, a wavering marvel called surging. It happens inferable from the mass of the spring.

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