@NAVATHE SACHIN • 24 May, 2013
what is the abbreviation of java in programming language?
@Kaustubh Katdare • 24 May, 2013
what is the abbreviation of java in programming language?
Java is not an abbreviation. It's just a name given to the programming language.
@Whats In Name • 24 May, 2013 There is no full form because it isn't an acronym,although you may find some fictitious ones on internet like "just another virtual accelerator" which is just a fake one!
@Abhishek Rawal • 24 May, 2013 As told by Gosling James,JAVA = Just Another Vague Acronym.
@Abhijit Dey • 24 May, 2013 JAVA was earlier called OAK because of the Oak tree seen from the window of the developers. Later it was renamed to JAVA since the developers loved Coffee and JAVA refers to the coffee beans from the country Java.
@Phenomenal • 15 Jun, 2013 From what I've heard it's is speculated to be derived the names of the people involved in it's creation.
James gosling, Arthur Van hoff, Andy bechtolsheim

Also I read that it's a slang word for "coffee" which is interesting because of the it's logo 😁

Don't know which is the truth,it's controversial.

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