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What is a recommended budget laser printer?

Hey CEans!

I currently have an Epson Stylus C65. Despite the quality printouts, the maintenance is really high in the form of super expensive ink. I recently got 3rd party ink, but they perform really poorly! After trying to clean them, the ink levels are already below 50%, with the black now under 10%. The printouts are still faded though.

I only just found out that Epson are notorious for making it hard for people to use ink other than their own expensive ones, due to the electronic chips embedded on the ink cartridges. So, a warning for those looking for purchase Epson printers.

Anyhow, I plan to get a cheap monochrome laser printer for the house, for printing mostly text. My budget is around $100-$150. I've looked upon these models as possible choices:
  • Brother HL 2140
  • Samsung ML 2010
  • Canon LBP 2900
  • Xerox DP203A
  • Konica Minolta PagePro 1350W
I was tending towards the Brother one, but I hear the toner capacity is lower (1000 pages) compared to the rest 😔 The Xerox is the cheapest amongst them at $75, but I have not found a review on the net yet.

Do you guys have personal recommendations which one to choose? I want it to last a couple of years (maybe 4), so that it'll be a worthy investment. Are there any other laser printers that I should check out for?

Thanks very much in advanced 😀

To keep things clear and simple, I'm going to later put some tables to compare key specifications. My sources will be from review websites and manufacturing websites. For now, the specifications include:

1. Price of printer
2. Price of toner & capacity
3. Price of drum
4. Page per minute (tested/claimed)
5. Basic Pros/Cons
6. Average cost per page

Looks like I'll need to do more research.This will help both me and anyone looking for budget laser printers 😀
Went to a computer shop today to get more ink refills (the orignal ones), came across the Konica Minolta PP1350W. Its about $125 (I found one shop online selling for $75), toner refills are $70 each but with an amazing capacity that lasts 3000 pages. Here's a review:

Konica Minolta PagePro 1350W Laser Printer reviews - CNET Reviews

The user comments are mixed. Some loved it, some hated it. Most of the reviews for budget laser printers are like that.. dont ya hate it when there is no consensus? 😉
jaybaba • Nov 10, 2008
I need to find out which printers are the best and most durable amongst Bag-Tag and Boarding Pass printers??

Presently we are using 'ier 506' printers, but they seem to always have one problem or the other. can you help out?
sriramchandrk • Nov 11, 2008
Jaybaba: If the requirement is for office printer then you can see my answer!

We use HP LaserJet 9040MFP in office and i rarely see it down.

Thanks & Regards
jaybaba • Nov 11, 2008
no, the printer i,m talking about is for the airlines checking in using Common Use Terminal Equipments (CUTE) systems.

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