What infrastructure, technology stack does WhatsApp use?

Curious to know what infrastructure and technology stack does WhatsApp use. I'm aware that they've been acquired by Facebook but I doubt they've already ported all of their code to Facebook's existing infrastructure. A recent update says that WhatsApp is now processing about 64 billion messages a day from over 400 million active users. That's quite a big number and makes me curious about their technology and infrastructure.

Would really appreciate responses.


  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    Okay, I digged out some information on the Internet and found this PDF by a WhatsApp Employee: PDF

    He talks about the performance they were aiming; to go from 200k connections per server to over a million connections per server with this configuration of each server:

    1. Dual Westmere Hex Core (24 logical CPUs)
    2. 100 GB RAM, SSD
    3. Dual NIC
    4. FreeBSD 8.3 (the presentation is from 2012)
    5. OTP R14B03
    6. Erlang
    7. XMPP - to transfer messages
    8. rc4 encryption

    The presentation shows that they achieved 2.7 million connections per box! 😕 Insanity!

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