What are the advantages in opting for AIEEE online mode of examination ?

You will get the flexibility in choosing the exam date (between 7th May and 26th May) of your choice as per your convenience.

You will also get the choice of your shift (9 AM to 12 PM / 2 PM to 5 PM) based on your convenience. It will make you feel confident on use of Information technology.

You can also save upto Rs. 300 in Exam fees compare to Offline mode.

Note: The flexibility of choosing date and shift will also depend on availability of seat on that particular day/shift. This option shell be made available in the month of January 2012.

So, what are you choosing? Online or Offline?


  • Ankita Katdare
    Ankita Katdare
    Other points to be noted are -

    There will four options of each question. You have to click one of the options using your computer mouse which can be reviewed or reanswered any time during the duration of the examination.

    There will be a panel on computer screen showing all the question nos in different colour scheme which will indicate which are the questions answered, left un answered and marked for review.

    You can change you answer during the exam duration and it is one of the most important feature of online examination.

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