12 Jun 2008

Web based operating system - ideas & discussions

I'm surprised we haven't discussed the concept of Web based operating systems yet!

So here we go. I imagine a central server that hosts an operating system. We connect to the server using our PC / Electronic Gadget which fetches the necessary data from the web based OS and loads personal settings in your system. Possible huh?

But in order to operate, the electronic gadget / pc itself would need an OS! So what do you have to say about the whole WebOS thing?
Prasad Ajinkya

Prasad Ajinkya

Branch Unspecified
12 Jun 2008
Hey Biggie,
HP has come out with a similar concept like this. Its called a Thin Client. Wherein, each dumb terminal is preloaded with embedded Windows ... and all the softwares are residing on a central server. This results in -

1. lesser power consumption (green technology)
2. more control for admins (yaayyy!!)
3. cost effective and scalable solution

Or are you referring to a truly web based OS like desktoptwo.com? In which case you will still need a barebones OS and a browser.

But I guess, its more like an extension of the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, wherein users do not have to pay huge lumpsum amounts for a particular software package, but instead do a pay-per-usage payments.
Ashraf HZ

Ashraf HZ

12 Jun 2008
Well, as long as you have a fast and reliable internet connection, and the server suffers no downtime and is protected against hackers, should be alright 😉
12 Jun 2008
Well, I know that the concept has been around for sometime. Firefox creator is devoting his time to web base OS. I was wondering if it's really going to be useful. Do we have any innovative ideas about the next generation of operating system?

Engineers - let's imagine what's going to be the next OS!
Prasad Ajinkya

Prasad Ajinkya

Branch Unspecified
15 Jun 2008
For that, we would have to see what are the benefits an web based OS bring for a user/enterprise. If the benefits are not great enough, then it will never see the light of the day during implementation 😀

Some of the benefits I see are -
1. Easier administration at the system level
2. Lower license costs
3. SaaS model
4. Scalability for the organization
5. Green technology
6. Plug-n-play for all users viz., I am good to go on any terminal
7. Usability

So, the next gen OS has to keep on improving on these lines.

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