• Kaustubh


    MemberAug 7, 2008

    Wanted: A Quizzophile & Puzzlophile


    On CE, we have a rock-solid bunch of most brilliant brains from all parts of the world.

    To keep these brilliant CEans engaged; we recently introduced a new section -> #-Link-Snipped-#

    Now, we are looking for a quizzically / puzzulocally [​IMG] inclined CEan who can lead the forum. We are looking for a leader who -
    • is passionate about puzzles, quizes & mathematics (any two will do 😉 )
    • is passionate about joining CE Core Team [& turning the screws with us!]
    • can get new, exciting puzzles from the Internet and crack them with our fellow CEans.
    • has a good sense of humor.
    • is passionate about building a great community with our fellow CEans.
    • is willing to work (which actually is fun) for free; like we all do here on CE.
    What you get?
    • Instant recognition & respect among ever expanding CE community throughout the world.
    • A special user-rank & special CEan status.
    • Chance to make a difference and being in the CE Core Team.
    If you are THE ONE, reply in the following thread : -


    Questions/comments/feedback/criticism/bouquets shall be accepted in the same thread [​IMG]
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