Viber Launches Version 2.0 For Its Applications

In today’s world there isn’t any shortage for the free messaging applications on the iPhone, yet it feels good to have an application that supports free voice calls and the text messaging service. Hence, Viber Media which is an Israeli startup for the Viber service has launched the 2.0 version of its application in the store. This service allows the iPhone users to make free calls to each other. Both the people using the service should have Viber installed.

[​IMG]The company is working on the Android and the Blackberry Versions which will be launched real soon. The sound quality of the call made is much better than the normal call and you can call another iPhone user with Viber anywhere in the world and that to free of cost. In this application, a complete Tab is dedicated for the messages and you can see all your messages at the same place. You can even send those messages to the people in your contacts. When the user receives a text, Viber sends him a push notification. Even though not technically, potentially it is replacing a SMS.

The “Contacts” interface has also been redesigned. It lets you know as to which user is active on the Viber with the help of a logo or you can filter out the favourites if you wish to. In Viber calling, we have two states:
  • Calling State: when the user makes a call, the phone is set in the calling state.
  • Ringing State: once it makes a contact with the other user’s Viber application it begins ringing i.e. it enters the ringing state. This makes the user aware that there is a connection.
Even after these efforts, Skype’s dominance on the Application World will be more for sure because of the free VoIP applications. But it is a bit cumbersome since it requires a user name, password and what not. Viber Media founder Talmon Marco says, “Skype is modeled after a buddy list – you need a user ID and password, and in order to talk to someone you need to ‘add them’, get approved, etc. Viber, on the other hand, is modeled after a phone. So your ID is your phone number (authenticated via SMS) and you can call anyone, as long as you know their number.” [Quoted By TechCrunch • Startup and Technology News]

The Android version of the Viber will be released in the First quarter of the next year. I think they will have to come up with a concrete and lucrative model because they have gone easy over the Viber 2.0.

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