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LastChance • Jan 29, 2013

UPS Designing Creteria for Electrical Load

I want to know about the practical approach of UPS Designing with real examples. For example for 100Computers, 200Lights etc what should be the power ratting of UPS to consider. Approach it with all respects and calculation and with one example that could be applicable with all type examples.
arunchary • Jan 31, 2013
hi Ceion, here we need to consider the load and the utility of power.first you need to calculate the load then go for selection of a each of computer (desktop)LED based monitor takes 100w to if your using 10 pc's then its nearly 13Kw yes then we need to go for 200watt above of usage of the load for the sake of losses and other electrical considerations.and with same for lights also calculate the load consumed by a that...some of the examples are explains in following link..just for awareness ....
LastChance • Jan 31, 2013
Yes that is informative.....I got much. If you have more useful links please share me.

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