UK or USA? - for master's degree

Hey All!!
I just was interested to know about the difference between a USA and UK masters degree(in any field) with regards to Job prospects and future career?Please help me to decide!!!Im in my 3rd yr of mechanical engineering so its high time i open to doin an MSc in any field!!


  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare

    While we arrive at a best decision for you, could you please answer this question -

    Why are you ready to do post graduation in "any" field? Is it that you want to go to US/UK somehow and get a job.
  • Mojojojo
    hey thanx for replyin!!!
    ok so heres the thing!!(was in a hurry last time so couldn fill the details)

    I am interested in doing either MSc in Financial engineering(FE) or Operational research(OR) or Industrial Engineering(IE)..and dont mind working anywhere but prefably China and India if not UK or theres the problem..not sure if a UK MSc or a USA as i feel i stand a better chance for top 10 in UK than top 10 in USA!!!!please help..

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