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@Kaustubh Katdare • 30 Sep, 2015 • 1 like
Since its establishment back in 1962, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has come a long way to establish itself as a world leader in space exploration. With all its successful missions that caught world's attention; ISRO is now attracting other nations to partner with it for various space exploration initiatives. UAE Space Agency is now seeking partnership with ISRO to work together on various space missions and transfer knowledge. A delegation from UAE recently visited ISRO to explore possibilities of collaboration.

The delegation led by Khalifa Al Rumaithi, the chairman of the UAE Space Agency and Mohammed Nasser Al Ahbabi, the director general visited ISRO facilities. The officials learned about ISRO's space initiatives and also looked at the innovative satellite launching capabilities developed by ISRO engineering teams. ISRO is already providing commercial services for launching satellites to multiple nations.


The delegation took a tour of the Satellite Assembly and Testing Center at ISRO; where the satellites are put through pre-launch tests. Al Rumaithi informed the media that UAE and India have bonds across domains including political, commercial and economic. He expected that the collaboration in the space industry will help transfer of knowledge and development of human capital.

Al Ahbabi affirmed that India has become a very advanced nation in the space industry and it has a strong foundation to support all the upcoming fascinating programmes. The delegation made a presentation on the space strategy undertaken by the UAE and detailed ISRO officials about their objectives, initiatives and upcoming missions. UAE Space Agency shared information about its ambitious Mars Exploration Mission planned for 2021.

Source: ToI

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