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After reviewing the 110cc scooters available in the market, we finally settled on TVS Scooty Zest and got the delivery yesterday. Since I could not find any review that covers the most essential points from a buyer's perspective, I decided to write one myself. This review will also feature my comments on the important specs that matter - and I will not add tech specs or go through complete feature list - because it's already available on the official website.

Quick Overview:
What You Will Like:
  1. Good ride quality. Stable on curves
  2. Good legroom for the taller riders
  3. Comfortable seat
  4. Bright lamps (both front and rear)
  5. Awesome storage space under the seat
  6. Simple front panel
  7. Nice pick up, ideal for city riding conditions
What You May Not Like:
  1. The suspension is little bumpy
  2. The petrol input is under the seat and you need to get off the seat, lift the seat to make it accessible. I personally think it's not how it should be. TVS Streak
  3. No night lamp for the under-seat storage. Why, TVS?
  4. That's it.

1. The Overall Look, Ride Quality and Feel

I think the ride quality and ride feel is what matters the most. Having ridden most of the popular scooters on the market, I specifically liked the comfort the rider's seat offers. The rear passenger does not get a special treatment - it's all comfy and easy for any person of average height to get on. The height of the seat, though not adjustable, should just be fine for most of the riders. The legroom is bigger and the difference is noticeable if you compare it with Activa i or even Activa. This could be one of the most important points you should consider when making a purchase decision.

The scooter is easy to maneuver especially on the turns and in busy traffic. The pick up too does not disappoint; especially when you need to overtake that slow auto-rickshaw.

The looks are subjective and I'd not chip in my comments. I personally think Honda Dio's got the killer(est) looks of them all.

2. Engine & Mileage

The 110cc segment of the scooters more or less offers similar engine specs. The Zest's got 109.7cc engine that offers 5.9 KW @ 7500 RPM and 8.7 Nm torque at 5500 RPM. The company claims that the Zest will go from standstill to 60 kmph in about 11 seconds. I haven't crossed 60+ on the Zest yet. I will update this review once I get on the traffic-free roads and put the Zest to some serious test! If you have specific questions, you may post them below and I'll pay attention to them in my update.

The company claims that the mileage of the Zest is a little over 60 Kmpl. My personal experience is that mileage is a direct function of your riding skills, maintenance, tyre pressure and how frequently you use brakes. I can make a difference of about 2-8 kmpl if you do things right - and that's huge; given the prices of fuel in India.

Power & Eco Modes: These two modes are the ones Zest automatically shifts to. For up to 50 kmph speed, the Zest runs in the Eco mode to save fuel. If you twist the throttle further, it will shift into the power mode. It's also got an idling indicator that will remind you to turn off ignition on long-wait traffic signals. I'm going to test this further in coming days.

3. Features That Matter
  • The Zest is lightweight ( <100 Kg) and is easy to put on the main stand.
  • The tail lamp is exceptionally bright. Thanks to energy efficient LEDs.
  • The tyres are tubeless. The biggest advantage of tubeless tyres is that they do not cause instant air loss; and you will get ample time to get to the nearest repairs shop.
  • The front suspension is telescopic and the rear one is hydraulic mono shock one. It got a little bumpy; but I'm sure it will get more comfy over the course of time.
  • The storage space is awesome. I think it's best in class. Accommodates a helmet and some more space for your accessories.
4. On Road Price

I was under impression that Honda Activa i would be pricier than the TVS Scooty; but the sales guys in Nagpur proved me wrong. The on road price of the Zest in Nagpur is ~Rs. 55K (including all the accessories like: Side stand, body guard, buzzer, handle grip, seat covers mud flap etc.).

Verdict: For the price point, the Zest looks like a good package. I'd strongly recommend that you should test ride all the scooters before making your purchase decision. I will try and keep this review updated as time progresses.

If you have questions or want me to comment on any specific things about Zest, let me know. I will try to add the images and photos later. You can get plenty of them on the official TVS Zest website.
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