Tutorial on how to apply basic security to your email accounts and other social networking sites.

Hey guys, I am writing this article on some basic tips to apply security on your web accounts. This will help you to secure your account and data, and help your integrity in contacts. I would discuss about some popular accounts and websites.

1: Google

Let's start with Google. The most used search engine cum a giant portal. Google offers a 2-step verification technique. It means even if you know your password, it will ask for an additional code to log in. This will be generated by Google and sent to you via three options, any of which you can choose. SMS / Voice call / Android App which is named Google Authenticator. This is helpful in cases like even if your password gets leaked, no one would be able to log in your account without the code, and that code is generated on your mobile phone. This is applied automatically to all the Google products you use.

There is one caution, when you setup mailbox on Android or any other device, you need to disable it first and when the mailbox is setup, you can re-enable it.

2: Facebook

Facebook has also started a 2-step verification process, just like Google. In Fact the Google Authenticator works for Facebook too. Apart from it, you can enable safe browsing in settings menu which will protect you from phishing attacks and a utility to save recognized devices is available. You get notifications after all your fresh log in attempts.

Whenever you try to join other websites, which support an App -based log in from Google or Facebook, you should take that option. Choose "Log in with Facebook or Google". This will apply all your security measures from those websites to the new one. It works since you get easy log in ans you can skip long forms to fill, plus it is one less password to remember. Also you don't know the security level of the website, so making passwords there maybe more prone to threat. For instance Crazy Engineers. It is easy to log in via Facebook, And Facebook security is better than CE, so it is less prone to get hacked by your account.

Note: About this app verification system.

This statement would make me a hypocrite, since I told you to avoid it in my article, "A Walk to Secure Future - Part 1" but that was in totally different context. It was related to server side issues in that article and here it is client usage. I suggest you to use App-Verification wherever possible when dealing with client side.

If you have any queries, you can inbox me.

Thanks for reading,

Nayan Goenka


  • Abhishek Rawal
    Abhishek Rawal
    Google Authenticator, Using it from last few months.
    Awesome app 👍

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