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As numerical increments get added to our favourite smartphone every year we quickly follow suit and replace them with something better. Some predict that an average American changes his/her smartphone every 1.3 years. One of three things happens to your old smartphone. It is either handed down to someone in the family or is left unattended in some corner of your house or it is too worn out for use and gets thrown away. While the recommended thing to do with the battery is to recycle, we often throw it in the trash which could often have some serious repercussions. A South Korean start-up called Enlighten has found a better use for old smartphone batteries by developing Better Re. Better Re is available in two types and can accept any smartphone battery and turn it into an inexpensive battery pack.

Better Re 1

The obvious question here is that, do old smartphone batteries have enough in them to get repurposed with Battery Re? The makers of the product claim that even after two years of usage, lithium-ion cells in old batteries have around 80% of efficiency remaining which can easily be reused. The best thing about Better Re is its universal platform. For example you had a Samsung Galaxy S (insert any number from 1 to 6) and you ditched it for an iPhone (insert number followed by some alphabet). Normally you won’t be able to repurpose your old smartphone battery like you did on old Nokia feature phones (remember BL-5C) because Apple phones have non-user removable batteries. With Battery Re all you have to do is take your old Samsung manufactured battery put in the Battery Re case and you have got a power bank that can charge your iPhone.

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The makers of Battery Re have also fitted a clever battery testing feature on the product that will tell you if your old battery is usable or not. Enlighten is also performing a public service of recycling and earning profit at the same time by selling you old smartphone batteries that have been quality tested by its staff. The product could prove to be a better alternative to power bank for two reasons. First, most power banks have batteries that take many hours to recharge but with the Battery Re you are using a traditional Lithium-ion smartphone battery that recharges much faster. Second, you do not have to go through the mess of throwing a power bank when it has exhausted its recharge cycles. With Battery Re you can either use an old battery or buy a newer one with higher capacity. Enlighten has done the wise thing by opting for two USB ports that can help you charge multiple devices at once.

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Battery Re has just crossed its Kickstarter goal of $50,000 by garnering funds of $61,694. The basic Battery Re costs you $44 (2,817 INR) and for things such as USB charging cable, twin USB expansion and personal engraving you have to shell out extra cash. While Battery Re may be a commercial success in other parts of the world, it will not have many takers here in India who are fond of cheap Xiaomi power banks that cost less than thousand bucks.

Source: Enlighten, Kickstarter via Engadget

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