Trick for Multiplication

Trick for multiplying any number with 11
23*11= 253

lets consider, when 2 digit number are multiplied with 11.

consider 2 (2+3) 3 = 253.

34*11=3 (3+4) 4 =374.

A Simple trick for multiplying any number between 12 to 19.

Consider 13*16,

Now, strike of 1 from 16, and add 0 before 13, so it becomes,


Multilpy, 6*3= 18, units place 8

Multipy 1*6=6, 6+1+3=10, tens place 0

Multiply 0*6+1+1=2.

Therefore, the answer is, 208


  • Shailaja Tiwari
    Shailaja Tiwari
    Hey ,I was also thinking to share this trick here but didn't knew how to present it .Thanks.👍😁
    Well there are many such tricks that are fun to do.
    How you knew about this trick?
  • Anand Tamariya
    Anand Tamariya
    This is basic algebra.
  • Shailaja Tiwari
    Shailaja Tiwari
    It's all about observation and fun,this is the way you can make maths amusing.
    And one interesting thing is that there are many such tricks in VEDIC MATHS
    Like consider 99*99=9801
    lso square of a number having 5 in units place is found as:
    num*next consecutive number sqr(5)
    eg: 25*25: 2*3 =6
    . . 25*25=625
  • Ramani Aswath
    Ramani Aswath
    The Trachtenberg System of Basic Mathematics has many of these.
    Free download here:
    Download: Trachtenberg Speed Math

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