Transmission system-A brief introduction in it followed by a doubt in it?

Transmission system-A brief intro and a doubt in it?

Today I would like to give a small introduction on Transmission system .Ok first we can start with what are the requirements of a transmission ? A transmission system helps to transmit power from Engine to the Wheels which helps us to drive. A transmission system usually consists of following parts namely:a clutch, gearbox, propeller shaft, differential and rear axle shaft. Then the manual transmission system had been overtaken by automatic transmission .Then clutch is replaced by a fluid coupling or a torque converter. Then gearbox also had some changes .It has many variants such as constant mesh , synchromesh, sliding, CVT, etc. Ford was the first one to use simple planetary gearbox and used it in Ford T model. During that time nearly half of the worlds cars were Ford T model. Nowadays there are many technical advancements happening around us and we still growing every time to reach a 100% efficiency.

My question was Whether there is any other medium such as air used as a medium in transmission(earlier fluid –as used in fluid coupling/torque converter, mechanical linkage-normal transmission(clutch))?

If found any please report here……


  • Ramani Aswath
    Ramani Aswath
    Liquids and gases have negligible shear resistance (Viscosity is the concerned parameter for this). Almost all non contact mechanical shear transfer is done by magnetic coupling.
    See more here:
  • white_hat
    I have not heard about air as transmission fluid, atleast not in torque converters.
    Compressed air is used to run vehicles, there are working prototypes.
    Another place air is used to transmit power in hand drills.

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