• Kaustubh


    MemberOct 1, 2013

    TransferJet Vs. NFC Vs. Bluetooth Vs. WiFi

    I stumbled upon a new (apparently) technology for close distance data transfers - called 'TransferJet'. The technology promises to offer speeds up to 560 Mbps (375 Mbps data throughput) at a distance of a few centimeters. Here's the official website for those who're interested: TransferJet. At first, I thought this technology is similar to NFC; but it turns out to be different (from whatever I could make out). The biggest advantages TransferJet has over wifi or bluetooth is that it eliminates multipath fading or shadowing. In operations however, it works the way NFC works.

    I'd like someone to decode the major differences between TransferJet, NFC, Bluetooth and WiFi and whether TransferJet has any aspirations to make it to our mobile devices.

    Looking forward to your responses.

    Addendum: Link to whitepaper: PDF
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