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@Kaustubh Katdare • 12 Mar, 2013 • 1 like - one of the leading online bus reservation services in India has updated its mobile app to offer live tracking of buses in India. Several bus operators in India associated with Redbus have installed GPS trackers on the buses to comply with the service. The app will now show you the exact location of your bus on Google Map. Not all the buses are equipped with the GPS tracker yet but the number is growing every day.

Once you book your ticket with Redbus, the service will send you a text message (SMS) on your mobile with a link to the location where you will have the real time location of your bus displayed on Google Map. In addition, you will also be notified of the bus registration number so that it's easier for you to spot the bus.


The Android App now offers integration with alerts, so if you've your data connection on, you will get a notification from Redbus about 30 minutes before your scheduled journey. The app has the live-track feature integrated (get the latest Android app update from Google Play store). The app updates the location of the bus after regular intervals so that you have up to date information.

The service was launched through association of Redbus with Asset Tracker which is a leader in bus-tracking solutions.
@Anoop Kumar • 13 Mar, 2013 Good move by RedBus.
This will surely boost up bus industry in India.
@Anand Tamariya • 13 Mar, 2013 Redbus would do well to focus on it's core business - making sure the ticket they sold is actually available!! It's really frustrating to learn at the last moment that the bus has been cancelled/not available which you have planned for weeks in advance. In Bangalore, KSRTC is much preferred than Redbus!!

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